Wednesday, June 11, 2014

returning in no hurry


I wonder what's drawing me back here.  perhaps the suggestion from my esteemed art-partner to 'journal'.  perhaps I've been home long enough, alone, rattling around the kitchen and lounging in my orange armchair with novels, getting restless and wanting to make something, combine something, put words into a rectangle out of the floating images and streams in the mind.

That is, I mean to say, hello!  if you're reading this (hi Dad), hello.  I've been traveling and then staying home and milking goats and then reading books and baking cake sometimes, and talking to people and also learning the guitar a bit, a very little bit.  And I took some walks.

(c) Elizabeth LaPrelle 2013 on that image above, I guess.  I don't know how this stuff works, but I made that thing.  it's a whole little book, maybe I'll get the rest of it up here soon.  it has the dubious distinction of being something that I made without any help from start to finish!

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