Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the heart

the only way to talk about it is to talk about something else.

summer fever.  fattening up like a bear in summer, summer fruit.  long days, hay-making.

an enormous, earth-shaking clap of thunder woke me up last night, had me gasping and bracing my hand on the sheet as first the sound rolled over my mind, and then the image came merging with the book I was reading on Henry VIII and ending up with huge Cardinal Wolsey; then as my reason started to think about cause and effect I imagined the tree, surely only yards away from my window, that must be smoking in the wake of this lightning-strike.  This morning of course nobody else had heard the thunder.

my emotions coming up to surprise me, and my own efforts not to judge them, and not to wallow in the cold, leviathan-laden, scorpio-moon sea I keep under the surface.  I even tried, tried, clumsily tried to communicate them.  keep trying.

back into astrology, finding out more of my fire rabbit nature in Chinese astrology.  the weird thing is applying the same ideas to other people born in the same year.

I've been reading books for pleasure, I've been journaling.  Right now is a bit like time off (more like time off than it should be, to be truthful) from the folk-singing job.

I sleep down in the house they called Long Tall Sally, the yellow house.  A woman named Ruby who used to live there and also used to take care of my dad when he was little came to visit.  She's very beautiful!  White hair, clear face, clear eyes, still strong and balance in gait.  She wanted to get around and start weeding, righting fallen lawn chairs.  She was working in a fancy department store and my grandmother Mary came in to pick up some stuff and that was when they met and became friends.  They were bohemians! I like imagining this.

Couple of songs from Ireland I'm slowly working on, I can share soon.