Tuesday, April 23, 2013

geek-out button

Geek-out switch has been re-set.

First of all: Ireland.

It was just tooooo much, y'all.  I don't know.  I loved it.

I met cool kids from Dublin, they let me stay at their house AND after we stayed up all night singing songs, we watched a documentary together about Irish music.  That is my kinda peeps.

And!!! when I met an old feller recovering from throat surgery and singing his first songs in months, he and his middle-aged son stayed up till four, and then his middle-age son stayed up till 8, singing and grinning.  "He's like a pig in the shit with singing," his son said.  Obviously it was true of him too.  That is how I felt too.  I felt like a pig in the shit.

I was so tired I was hallucinating crows/moths flying inside the room during Long Lankin; it was 7:30 am.  Also in my memory the dude singing it is playing the fiddle at the same time, and I'm not sure he plays fiddle at all?  So I hallucinated that too?  A surreal and beautiful moment.

I met this Scottish ethnologist and then we stayed up till 6 geekin out over singing styles and versions of the ballad "King Orfeo".
"King Orfeo?" said I, "Oh, I have a picture of a shadow-puppet show I'd like to show you."
Bwa ha hahahahaha...it's only this huge paper-cut shadow show I worked on for weeks and have been performing at every gig for months now with Anna.  You know.  Who's the nerd NOW?

Plusssss, in Dublin are some of my very favorite touristy things ever: an old church, a Yeats exhibit in the basement of the National Library, The! Book! Of! Kells!

Anyhow, the sap is rising.  Caffeine and spring are making my thoughts and my heart race.