Thursday, September 27, 2012

quarter century

Soon going to be 25.
I first typed that as, "Soon going to me 25".  Equally appropriate!

Crankies crankies crankies

all day all night

Here's my house:  it's going to be so yellow!

Here's a crotch shot I know you wanted, of my new red pants:

Here's a process shot of a shadow show I'm working on with Anna:

It's about King Orpheo!  Here is how I described in an email to a friend:

(Shetland song, based on French romance, based on Orpheus myth)
This is the "overworld" kingdom, where Orpheo goes hunting, loses his lady to the king of Fairy, fasts in the forest for 7 years, and witnesses a "hosting" parade....
Underworld not pictured.  Well, you can see a tiny bit of the king of fairy in the bottom right, with his moth-wing throne.

Edit to this post--now I really AM 25.  BOOM.