Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Long Tall Sally

My sister was just married and my mother and I made 6 layers of cake that rocked the socks.  I made one gallon of buttercream icing out of whipped egg whites with a hot syrup gradually added, and then 13 sticks of butter beat in.  It's for this reason that we're thinking of calling my future house "Chateau Beurre".  You know, "Butter House".  

That's actually a picture from Christmas, but you get the idea.  The house is yellow, it's dilapidated, and one day I'll be making all the foods and weaving on the looms there.  And keeping all the bees.
Here is a picture of the house:

Hahahahaha!  Why yes, I'm planning to live there.

Haha, Whoops!

I guess I mentioned Baroness in a post (and when I say "mentioned", I mean "said they were literally the best thing ever", and that happened right as Baroness was announcing a new album that's coming out and also they are on tour with Meshuggah?  So now by far and away my most popular post is the Baroness one.  Sorry, guys!  I might never mention Baroness again!  I don't regret my post, but they are only one part of my musical tastes!  I mean, when I think about it, isn't Joan Baez literally the best thing ever?  Isn't Charlie Patton?

I'm also a little sad because before I did that metal post, the one with the most hits was this post about Earl Brand.  I guess the old ballads will always be a niche market, even smaller than psychedelic metal, Elizabeth, why must you learn this lesson over and over again?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Come tell with me the long courtship

Couple of person-less images from the Great Northeast Crankie Tour,
plus 2 from my computer hoard of cool stuff to look at.  "Ain't Got No Use For Your Red Rocking Chair; I've Got No Honey Baby Now".
And a witch cooking up some frickin spells, you go witch.  A Vermont field in the rain, and the stage of the Montague Grange Hall in Montague, Mass.

I got out "Traditional Ballads of Virginia" today, just to leaf through; every so often I decide I'm going to pick a version of something from a book, and totally resuscitate it for us all to enjoy.  Got my eye on version G of Fair Margaret and Sweet William (Child Ballad 74), mainly for this wording:

I like my coverin' very well
And I also like my sheets;
But I love, I love that pretty fair bride
That lies at my bed feet.

(Collected by Miss Nancy Pearson, Sung by Mr. Armistead of Cobbs Creek, VA, September 14, 1915)
This is the only version I've seen where he says he loves her, instead of just liking her best.